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Tablet Bottles in Various Colors

Jul,20,2023 << Return list

Available Size Range: Our bottles come in sizes ranging from 50cc to 675cc, including the J-CAP tablet bottle series and GPI400 neck designed series.

These bottles are ideal for pharmaceutical pills and dietary supplements, featuring colored designs that minimize exposure to light.

Color Options: You can choose from a selection of four colors to suit your preferences.

In alignment with the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for national pharmaceutical packaging, the government encourages pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers to adopt clean production practices. To meet the demands of both domestic and international pharmaceutical companies for clean production, our company has implemented a streamlined process, starting from annealing and extending to packaging within a clean room environment. This includes standardized design and operational controls for personnel and materials flow.

Our type III non-injection amber glass bottles undergo this process, beginning with transfer from the annealing lehr into an environmentally controlled area. Subsequently, they undergo automated inspection, lamp inspection, and auto-shrink wrapping within a clean area rated at 100,000 class cleanliness. This stringent process ensures product cleanliness, eliminating the need for bottle washing before use. As a result, customers benefit from reduced equipment investment and operational costs, ultimately creating value for them.