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Type II and III Glass Ampoules

Type II and III Glass Ampoules

Type-II Glass Ampoules

1. Material: Treated soda-lime glass for enhanced chemical resistance.

2. Chemical Durability: Improved over standard soda-lime glass, suitable for moderately sensitive pharmaceuticals.

3. Volume Range: Versatile sizes from 1ml to 20ml, accommodating a broad spectrum of dosage requirements.

4. Clarity: Good visibility for content inspection.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: A more economical option compared to Type-I, without significantly compromising on quality.

6. Applications: Ideal for oral medications and certain injectables where high chemical resistance is not crucial.


Type-III Glass Ampoules

1. Material: Standard soda-lime glass, offering basic protection.

2. Chemical Durability: Suitable for pharmaceuticals with low sensitivity to alkali content.

3. Volume Range: Available in sizes ranging from 1ml to 20ml, flexible for various pharmaceutical needs.

4. Transparency: Clear glass allows for easy monitoring of the contents.

5. Affordability: Highly cost-effective solution for bulk pharmaceutical packaging.

6. Applications: Best suited for oral and topical medications, and other products where interaction with glass is minimal.


Common Features

1. Sterility: Both types are manufactured under strict sterile conditions, ensuring safety and hygiene.

2. Customization: Available in different shapes and neck styles to suit specific requirements.

3. Compliance: Manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical standards for glass packaging.

4. Environmental Impact: Made from materials that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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